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Let our specialists guide you in structuring the right network for you.

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Let our specialists guide you in structuring the right network for you.

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From an age where electricity and running water were a luxury to a time in history where appliances and machines can react and acknowledge the things that you want to have done for you.  We are coming to an age where new devices will be able to offer us commodities beyond our imagination.  Imagine being able to control your entire home from the push of the button.  Lights, Entertainment Systems, Irrigations Systems, Home Electronics, Appliances, Doors, Computers, and whatever else you can think of can now be controlled by one simple device, or many different devices making your life a lot easier to manage.

Consider coming home to a well lit house in the dark hours of the night, or your alarm clock, coffee pot, and warm shower all started up and ready for you to get out of bed in the morning.  These new technologies can provide you with an intelligent environment whereby your movements can signal a room to be lit, or your exit from a room will signal the lights to shut off. 

The possibilities are endless as to the things that you can do with home automation to make your life and day run a lot smoother for you.

The technology of these new computers not only do what they are told to do but have the capability of making their own decisions.  These computers have built in intelligence to anticipate individuals behavior, sensitive to people's needs and anticipate human behavior.  In addition intelligences are built in for smart devices to learn from the things around them.  For example, a washing machine can decide the amount of water to use based on the amount of clothes a person has put into the wash.  The machine makes this decision by sensing what has been placed inside.

In the future, homes will come equipped with a distributed network of intelligent devices that will provide us with information, entertainment and communication at our finger tips.  FloridaTek is able to provide you with these services in the present. 

Allow us to come to your business or home and present you with the options and programs available to make your place more enjoyable and comfortable.  Bring these futuristic ideas into your home and make them a reality. 

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